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Sociology 和 Anthropology

Sociology 和 Anthropology

We live in a world of complex social constructs. If you are interested in examining issues such as race, class, 和 gender for the purpose of working towards social justice, then Sociology 和 Anthropology might be the track you are looking for. We’ll teach you to become an effective change agent through strengthening your cultural sensitivity, 同情, 和 integrity—while utilizing communication, community-based problem-solving methods, 和 critical observation.


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Study-Abroad Programs

Principia study-abroad programs are open to all majors, 和 you’re encouraged to apply to any abroad program that interests you—even if the abroad isn’t in your major/minor. Your passport to international learning starts here—Principia College 出国留学.

Course Catalog

Find complete course listings 和 program requirements in our Course Catalog.